richard perezComment


richard perezComment

Remember today that rest is more than just mere inactivity.

Remember today that rest is to fundamentally lay your past, present and future in the finished work of Jesus.

There is a sense of relief, rejuvenation and refreshment when you lay your body on the sand of a beach or on the mattress of a bed. You trust the mattress to be the conduit to bring you rest. In the same way, Jesus is the only conduit to bring us fullness of rest.  It is on him that we lay our labored bodies, minds and hearts. What he has done on the cross and through his resurrection says, "come to me and rest."

Prayer: Thank you God for the rest you provide for both our bodies and more importantly our hearts.  Thank you that Jesus serves serves us as him on whom we find rest from the worries and stresses of this life. Amen!