richard perezComment


richard perezComment

Remember today that God is for the city. That his greatest treasure is His own glory seen most clearly in his image in which we were created in. Though broken and scarred, all of us carry that image. Therefore, making relational reconciliation our greatest need.

Remember today that those who you engage with on the commute to work or at the bar or the corner store were created to to experience intimacy in it's fullest expression.  

There are no nameless faces.  There are no faceless names.  But each of us are designed to be fully known and purely accepted by our Creator, Jesus.

Prayer: Thank you God that we are your creation and through Jesus, your children.  Holy Spirit, lead us to see every face as one whom you personally and warmly formed with dignity, purpose and power.  Would be point all those in our circles to Jesus, the one who gives us the perfect picture of humanity. Amen!