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richard perezComment

Remember today the feeling you get when a friend grabs a couple of grocery bags from you as you walk up the stairs.  Remember the feeling you get when after totally failing your friend they say to you, "it's okay."  Remember the relief and joy you feel when after making the dumbest mistake in history (or at leas it feels that way) that "someone" loves and receives you anyway.

We often hear how difficult it is to offer forgiveness, but I often think about how difficult it can be to receive it.  We wrestle with believing that we have to right our wrongs - that puts us on a goose chase.  Remember today, that Jesus has paid it all.  With his good news he offers to right your wrongs.  He offers us a new account; a clean account; his account!

Prayer: God, we are thankful for the blessings of friends who help us shoulder the consequences of our sins and unwise decisions.  We're grateful because ultimately your Jesus has shoulder the weight of our sins by himself and for eternity.  Holy Spirit, grow our faith in the work of Jesus. Amen!