Remember today that we all wave a banner; something that we give our lives to; something that we unashamedly wave and herald and find pride in.  The question will always be, will the banner sustain you?  Will it give you life? Does it give you security in the face of difficulty?

Just like Moses we get tired along the way.  The banner of Jesus can become taxing in today's culture.  Remember today to come around each other, like Aaron and Hur - encourage, love, lead one another.

Just like the soldiers, remember today that though the battle wears us down, it could never undo what Jesus has done - And this is precisely why "The LORD is our banner."

Remember today to give wind to your banner not by merely carrying it, but by running with it 

Prayer:  Thank God for the battle that's been won on our behalf!  God, forgive us for sometimes trusting in our own efforts to find victory and abandoning what you've done.  Would you be our banner in our everyday.  Amen.