Remember today that though cities can be overwhelming, they play a significant role in the coming of God's kingdom.

Remember today that though stars and clear skies show us the beauty of God's nature, the thousands or millions of people that live in your city speak most clearly of God's image.  Recapture the heart of God by planting yourself in the thick of the city; experiencing the people, the cultures; that you would celebrate and challenge the city of man to look more like the city of God.

Remember to fight resemblance and isolation.  Jesus was among the people because he was a person...but was also God! By his grace we are his body, an extension of his work. People are not merely part of the landscape, engage them.

Prayer:  Thank you God for placing us where you have.  Help us to see you in our cities and neighborhoods.  Thank you Jesus for making us, by your grace, citizens of a greater city that will never end and will never fall.  Amen!

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