What if, instead of contempt, familiarity bred love? It seems as if the more we get to know one another, the more we are dissapointed. When the scars of our friends, family, and neighbors are exposed, we are tempted to turn and run. But there is another way.

Pastor and storyteller Rich Pérez casts vision for what it might look like to pursue love–love expressed with eyes wide open–in the context of the real world. Because love is not primarily a feeling, an emotion, or a sentiment, Pérez challenges readers through a combination of memoir and teaching to take a different path than the momentum that carries the culture we live in. With the flavor of Washington Heights, New York, readers will be transported into Pérez’s neighborhood on a journey to learn how to love again.


To love our cities and neighborhoods - and the people who live in them - we can’t escape our world, and we shouldn’t conform to it. Instead, we should inspire it.
— Rich Pérez


Neighbors make the neighborhood; residents exist in the neighborhood.


Sometimes we feel contempt for people and view them as worthless or beneath us as a result of knowing too much about them or getting to close to them. But what if we flipped that on its head?


Jesus was very familiar with the good, bad, and ugly of our world. But instead of responding with contempt, he showed incredible, never-before-seen, and hard-to-understand love.
— Rich Pérez


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